8 practical ways to keep your iPhone battery healthy.

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8 practical ways to keep your iPhone battery healthy.

If you are an iPhone user, then you must pay attention to the iPhone battery health, which can save you the cost of using the iPhone. The iPhone 14 has been released in September 2022. If you are using the iPhone 14, then you need to pay more attention to your battery health, because it is smart to pay attention to the health of a new electronic device soon after it is used.

iPhone 14

1. What type of phone battery does the iPhone 14 use?

We first need to understand the battery type of the iPhone 14 and its characteristics, so that we can better pay attention to maintenance in our lives.

The iPhone 14 uses a lithium-ion battery, a rechargeable battery that uses the reversible reduction of lithium ions to store energy. Thereforeit is widely used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries:

  • Can be charged quickly
  • Small self-discharge
  • High energy density
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Excellent cycle performance and long service life
  • Environmental friendly, "green battery"

2. How to keep your iPhone 14 battery healthy?

2.1 Turn on Optimized Battery Charging

"Optimized battery charging" is an intelligent feature that exists on the iPhone 14 itself. You can turn it on (Settings > Battery > Battery Health and Charging > Optimize Battery Charging), and it will record your charging habits to extend battery life. It takes 14 days to function, and you need to charge your iPhone more than 9 times in the same place, and the charging time is not less than 5 hours each time, so you'd better turn on the positioning function of your iPhone 14.

2.2 Do not connect the charger for a long time

Do not connect the charger for a long time, which means disconnecting the charger in time after your battery is charged to 100%. For example, charging overnight is not recommended. When the battery power reaches 100%, if you continue to deliver current to the battery, this will lead to overload charging, which will put pressure on the battery. Over time, the life of the battery will be affected. To prevent the power from decreasing, some people use the iPhone while charging when the power reaches 100%, which is both dangerous and damaging to the battery.

The "optimized battery charging" mentioned above is actually to prevent the battery from continuing to charge after the battery reaches 100%. But in my opinion, when the iPhone is charged to 100%, it is the most reasonable way to manually unplug the charger.

2.3 Charge when remaining 30%

You may be thinking, how much power is left on your iPhone 14? You should connect the charger to it. The best time to charge your iPhone 14 is when there is 30%-40% battery remaining. Please don't charge it when the power is lower than 20%, because your iPhone is already out of power at that time, and it has already prompted you.

To maintain sufficient power, some people start charging their iPhones when the remaining power is 70% or more. Is this appropriate? This is not conducive to the iPhone battery health. Because a lithium-ion battery has a lifespan even if it can be recharged many times, you should try to reduce the charging frequency as much as possible and recharge it when necessary. So in order to reduce the frequency of charging, what can you do to save your power? You should turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and close your apps when you don't need them. When your battery is very low, you can turn on battery-saving mode to reduce consumption.

2.4 Use the original iPhone charger and charging cable

The iPhone 14 is packaged with a charging cable, and you also need to buy a power adapter separately, and you should buy an official power adapter at the Apple Store.

There are many power adapters on the market, and you can still use them to charge your iPhone 14, but the quality of those dazzling products is difficult to guarantee. They may not be compatible with your iPhone 14 battery. Long-term use is not good for the health of the iPhone battery.

Apple power adapter

2.5 Use battery-friendly phone accessories

Everyone will equip his iPhone 14 with phone accessories like phone cases, phone holders, etc. Some phone accessories are friendly to the iPhone's battery, like the MagOne phone stand.
MagOne Phone Holder and Grip

MagOne specializes in the production of iPhone holders and grips. The phone holders and grips it produces are all magnetic, which can be easily adsorbed on the back of the iPhone. When you connect the MagSafe charger to the MagOne phone holder, Your iPhone is ready to charge. MagOne's mobile phone holder and grip can buffer the pressure of the current on the battery. It can protect the battery of the iPhone 14 and prolong the battery life. The MagSafe phone grip and stand produced by MagOne both have the function of protecting the iPhone battery.

MagOne phone stand buffers the pressure of current

2.6 Update to the latest iOS version

As time goes by, Apple is also releasing new operating systems, your iPhone will receive a software update notification (Settings>General>Software Update), you should choose to update to the latest system version to improve the performance of your iPhone. Some systems will also come with more battery optimization functions, which will be beneficial to your iPhone battery.

2.7 Avoid using your iPhone 14 in extreme temperatures

iPhone batteries work best in a temperature range of 0-35 degrees Celsius. Lithium-ion batteries are affected by temperature. When the ambient temperature is too low, the iPhone may shut down because the battery is not working properly. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the life of the battery. When charging, you'd better take off the case of your iPhone 14, because the case will affect the heat dissipation of the battery.

2.8 Keep the battery at 50% when not in use for a long time

When you don't use your iPhone for a long time, you should charge it to 50% and then turn it off. Please do not store your iPhone with the battery level at 0 or 100%. When storing the phone when the power is 0 for a long time, your iPhone battery is in a state of deep discharge, similar to animals hibernating. When you charge your iPhone next time, it may take a long time before it can be turned on normally. In severe cases, the battery will be damaged and cannot be charged. Then you need to spend a lot of money to replace a new battery.

iPhone being charged

The above is what I summarized for you, in order to protect the iPhone battery health, you should pay attention to 8 practical methods in your life and work. As long as you follow these 8 tips, your iPhone 14's battery will last longer. On the one hand, it saves you money, on the other hand, it also contributes to environmental protection.

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