How to Use a MagSafe Phone Grip for Your iPhone?

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How to Use a MagSafe Phone Grip for Your iPhone?

If you're looking for a way to improve your grip on your iPhone, then consider using a MagSafe Phone Grip. It can achieve your purpose without affecting the MagSafe function. In this blog post, we'll explain what a Magsafe Phone Grip is and how it can benefit you. We'll also show you how to use one with your iPhone.

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What is a MagSafe Phone Grip?

Starting with the iPhone 12 series, Apple has introduced the MagSafe function. A MagSafe Phone Grip is a phone accessory that uses magnets to attach to the back of your iPhone, hold your fingers tightly together with your iphone through the grip.The magnets are strong enough to greatly reduce the risk of dropping the phone, making it a great way to protect your iphone.

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What are the Benefits of Using a MagSafe Phone Grip?

There are several benefits of using a MagSafe phone grip:

  • First, it gives you an extra level of protection against drops and other impacts to your iphone.
  • Second, it makes it easier to grip your phone, preventing accidental drops.
  • Third, it provides a convenient way to hold your phone, you can do more things with your hands, freeing your hands to a certain extent.
  • Finally, it looks cool and makes your iphone unique!

How does a MagSafe Phone Grip Work and What are its Features?

The MagSafe phone grip is a device that attaches to the back of your iPhone and allows you to grip it more securely and stably. It uses magnets to attach to your phone, and has a variety of features that make it more convenient and comfortable to use.

Some of the features of the MagSafe phone grip include:

  • A built-in stand that allows you to prop up your phone while you're using it.Therefore, you can also use it as a phone kickstand and unfold it when you need its stand function. The New MagOne is one such product that does both a grip and a stand.

The New MagOne Phone Grip & Stand

  • A comfortable grip that makes it easier to hold onto your iPhone.Your hands will feel more relaxed when you use your iphone.
  • A magnetic attachment that keeps your phone securely in place.
  • A charging port compatible with MagSafe chargers allows you to charge your phone without having to remove the grip.

How to Use a MagSafe Phone Grip for Your iPhone?

When you go out, you will use the phone grip function more, such as shopping, shopping, taking pictures, you may need to better fix your iphone on your hand to prevent it from falling. And when you're at home, you'll use its MagSafe wireless charging feature. Generally speaking, phone grips compatible with MagSafe chargers are thin enough.MagOne Lite is a thin phone grip that is compatible with MagSafe chargers but has no kickstand function.

Here are a few steps to use the MagSafe phone grip:

Step 1. Aim the grip at the middle of the back of the iPhone.

Step 2. Fasten the phone grip to the back of the iPhone.

Step 3. Place the MagSafe charger on the phone grip.

Step 4. Power on and your iPhone can start charging.


A MagSafe phone grip is a great accessory for your iPhone that can make it easier to hold and use your phone. The benefits of using a MagSafe grip include the ability to grip your phone more securely, preventing it from slipping out of your hand. Additionally, it can help protect your iPhone from scratches and other damage that can occur when it is not properly protected.

To use a phone grip with MagSafe, simply adhere the base of the grip to the back of your iPhone. Once in place, the magnetized surface on the back of the grip will allow you to attach and detach your iPhone with ease.

In conclusion, the MagSafe phone grip is a great accessory for those who are looking for an easy way to protect their iPhone and keep it from slipping out of their hand.And it won't affect the MagSafe function of your iphone, really ergonomic design.

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