What's the easiest and fastest way to make a DIY phone stand?

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What's the easiest and fastest way to make a DIY phone stand?

When you use your mobile phone to watch wonderful TV programs, are you troubled by not being able to fix your mobile phone stably? It always slips down inadvertently. Is this your state? If so, then it's time for you to get a phone stand.

iPhone and flowers

In fact, there are many items in life that can be used as phone stands. After reading this blog, you will find that DIY phone stand is an easy task.If you're just looking for a way to prop up your phone that doesn't involve spending money, then this blog post is for you! We'll show you several different ways to make your own DIY phone stand using items that you probably already have in the house. So, whether you're looking for the quickest and easiest solution or something more creative, this blog has you covered.

scissors and pencil

1. Invalid Membership Card

Do you know? An invalid membership card or other discarded card can easily be made into a phone stand. Done in five minutes.This is the best way to turn waste into treasure.

Materials needed:
A card
A pair of scissors

Step 1: Cut the card lengthwise into thirds, being careful not to cut them completely apart.
Step 2: Fold the middle part to one side to form a 45° angle with the whole card.
Step 3: Fold out a small corner from the bottom of the three different horizontal strips.

A homemade phone stand is done, isn't it fast? Use it quickly.There is a video demonstration below.

2. A Phone Case and a Card

You must have a phone case installed on your mobile phone. We will use this phone case to make a mobile phone stand.

Take the top of your phone out of your phone case, be sure to only take out one end. Then put a card (such as an ID card or a bank card) inside the phone case to support your phone, such a mobile phone stand is ready. You can also adjust the height of the phone by adjusting the position of the card, which is really convenient.

phone stand made of phone case


3. Glasses

You might not think that your glasses can instantly become a phone stand. Unfold your glasses on the table, place your phone in this circle with the back of the phone against the lens, and you can use its stand function. The width of the general mobile phone and the unfolded width of the glasses are similar.If you need it, you can give it a try.

a pair of glasses

4. Charging Head

Turn your phone charging head upside down and you can see how it works as a stand. If you absolutely need a phone kickstand to fix your phone, the charging head may be a good choice.

Charging head as phone stand

5. Paper Cup or Toilet Paper Roll

To prepare a paper cup, first draw a continuous line according to a certain shape on the paper cup, and then use scissors to cut along the line, and a DIY phone stand is completed. Likewise, a toilet paper roll can replace the paper cup. A toilet paper roll might be better because it's stronger.

6. Hangers

To make a homemade phone stand using a hanger, the materials you need are a hanger and two rubber bands. It's actually quite simple, put your phone on a hanger, and tie the ends of the phone with rubber bands so you can use it. You can hang the hanger on the wall and watch TV, and you can use this practical "invention" when you're cooking, putting on makeup, or even exercising.

hanger as phone stand

7. Long Tail Clip

Materials needed:
One large and one small long tail clip

Step 1: Close and straighten the two "tails" of the small long tail clip.
Step 2: Pinch the large long tail clip open with your hands, and clamp the two "tails" of the small long tail clip.
Step 3: Flip the small long tail clip towards the large long tail clip.

After the above three steps, the long tail clip DIY phone stand is completed, which is actually very simple.

long tail clip made into phone stand

The above items are very common in our lives, and some are discarded materials. Did you discover it? With just a little creativity, a DIY phone stand can be turned into a very simple affair. There are many items in life that can be made into phone stands, here I only list 7 kinds. As long as you have a pair of eyes full of wisdom, you can find more wastes in life, and they can also be turned into highly practical appliances through your simple transformation.

In addition to DIY phone stand, you can also buy many more beautiful and practical phone stands online. MagOne is a phone stand brand I know that specializes in iPhone stands and grips. The New MagOne model is the most creative product they have ever produced, and it is well-received by consumers in the market, and its compatibility with magsafe wireless charging is its most powerful feature.

DIY phone stand is simple and quick, turning waste into treasure, and buying a phone stand may be more beautiful and have more functions. Whether you choose a DIY phone stand or buy a multifunctional one, you should consider the actual situation and needs. From a sustainable standpoint, DIY a phone stand is a better option.

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