Is Magnetic Phone Holder Bad for Your Phone?

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Is Magnetic Phone Holder Bad for Your Phone?

Is a magnetic phone holder bad for your phone? Why do you have such doubts? It has to do with the way magnets work. So let's first understand how magnets work.

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1. How Does a Magnet Work?

A magnet is an object that can generate a magnetic field, which cannot be seen or touched. Magnets can attract or repel other metals (such as iron, aluminum, and steel) to generate a series of forces. Magnets have been widely used in medical, electronics, construction, and other industries.

magnet attracts metal

The magnetic phone holder is magnetically adsorbed on your smartphone to achieve the purpose of supporting the mobile phone. There are thousands of small parts inside the smartphone that may attract each other with the magnetic phone holder, so this is the key point for someone to worry about whether the magnetic phone stand will be harmful to the phone.

2. Will Magnetic Phone Holder Affect Your Phone?

This question seems to be a bit broad because your phone has many parts. Here we just need to discuss that magnets can affect certain parts of your phone.

2.1 Does a magnetic phone holder affect phone components?

The interior of a mobile phone is full of precision parts, some of which are made of iron or aluminum, such as tiny screws. If you install a magnetic phone holder, then it can attract these small metal materials inside the phone. But in fact, the impact of the magnetic phone stand on these small parts is negligible. Please think that small accessories such as screws are fixed inside the phone, while the phone holder with magnetism is installed on the phone case, and the force that the magnet can generate is very small.

2.2 Does a magnetic phone holder affect GPS navigation?

The answer is no, the magnetism of the phone stand will not affect your GPS at all. GPS is a positioning system based on artificial earth satellites, which are not affected by the earth's magnetic field. I have done a test myself, and the GPS navigation route is the same when the magnetic phone holder is installed and not installed. If you are going to choose a magnetic phone mount, then you don't need to worry about this problem.

Use phone GPS navigation

2.3 Does the magnetic phone holder affect the compass?

The principle of the compass: the magnetic needle can rotate freely under the action of the natural geomagnetic field, and use the attraction of the earth's south and north poles to indicate the direction of south and north. Therefore, the compass is indeed affected by magnetism. However, the magnet on the magnetic phone holder is very small and its magnetic force is very weak. It has little effect on the function of the compass on the mobile phone. Only when the magnet is large enough and the magnetic field formed is very strong will it affect the function of the compass.

Moreover, we rarely use the compass function in the mobile phone, unless we are hiking enthusiasts. So, you can ignore the effect of the magnetic phone holder on the compass.

Direction with a compass

2.4 Dose the magnetic phone holder affect the phone battery?

The answer to this question is also no. Starting with the iPhone 12 series, Apple introduced the MagSafe charging function, which charges iPhones on a magnetic basis. Therefore, there are already magnets in the iPhone device itself. The presence of MagSafe charging is unnecessary if the magnets are going to affect the iPhone's battery. The magnet inside the magnetic phone holder is very weak, and its existence will not affect the battery of the mobile phone.

By the way, the battery life of a mobile phone is related to battery temperature, charging times, etc.

2.5 Does a magnetic phone holder affect the sound quality of the speakers?

This needs to be explained on a case-by-case basis. If the sound your phone is playing comes from the phone itself, the sound from the speaker won't be affected by the magnet. But the radio function on the phone may be affected by the magnets. The magnet on the magnetic phone holder will generate a magnetic field around it, and the magnetic field strength is stronger near the magnet. The radio receives the signal and actually receives electromagnetic waves of different frequencies. The magnetic field generated by the magnet interferes with the electromagnetic waves, so when you turn on the radio, you may hear a lot of noisy sounds.


To sum up, a magnetic phone holder has almost no effect on your phone's components, GPS navigation functions, compass functions, etc. You can buy a magnetic holder for your phone with confidence. MagOne is a professional manufacturer of magnetic phone holders. The mobile phone holder it produces has an all-in-one function. The functions of the phone holder and the grip are integrated into one, and it supports MagSafe charging. If you are using iPhone, then MagOne is your perfect match, it can bring you unexpected convenience.

MagOne brand-Magnetic phone holder

Magnets play a big role in modern life, and it is applied to mobile phone accessories, which brings convenience to our life and work. If you have additional insights on the magnetic phone holder, welcome to leave a comment.

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